How to use
Teby Cup menstrual cups

How do you use Teby Cup menstrual cups? In this page, you will find a complete guide to help you to use our menstrual cup in the best way. Any new thing needs to be understood and little tests in order to be prepared to face the doubts and the complications of first menstrual cycles. Here, you will find all the answers to your doubts.

How do you use Teby Cup menstrual cups?

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Before using your new cup for the first time:

1 Wash it with cold water and intimate care soap
2 Sterilize the cup by boiling it in water for 5-8 minutes
3 Pay attention the cup does not touch the bottom of the pot

How to use a menstrual cup:

1 Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, it is important they are very clean.
2 Fold your cup as you prefer: C-shaped and Punch Down are the easiest folding methods.
3 Choose a comfortable position: squatting, seated on the bidet, rising one leg, standing…
4 Relax and take some deep breaths using your belly, it will help you to relax your muscles.
5 You can use some lube or wet the cup with some water to make the insertion easier.

How to put in Teby Cup menstrual cups:

1 Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, it is important they are very clean.
2 Keep it folded until it is all in.
3 Let go the cup and let it open.
4 If the cup is correctly inserted, it is possible you feel a ‘pop’ or the sensation that something has moved.
5 You can run your fingers around the base of the cup to be sure that it is correctly placed.
6 Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, it is important they are very clean.

Where should I position the menstrual cup?

1 Every woman is different, there are women using stemless cups and keep them very low and others letting them sit in a higher position.
2 Make some attempts and remember that the right position is the one in which you do not feel the menstrual cup.
3 After the first time, choose if you want to cut the stem.
4 If the cup is correctly inserted, it is possible you feel a ‘pop’ or the sensation that something has moved.

How often do you need to empty a menstrual cup?

1 The beauty of the menstrual cup is that it holds more fluid than traditional sanitary napkins or internal tampons.
2 One menstrual cup can contain the equivalent of 3 tampons with a heavy menstrual flow.
3 Depending on your flow, you can empty the cup even every 8-12 hours.
4 This means you can use it with confidence for the whole night.
5 Women with a heavier flow may need to empty the cup every 4-6 hours.
6 At the beginning, in order to understand what kind of flow you have, we suggest you to empty the cup often.

How do you take the menstrual cup out?

1 Wash your hands thoroughly
2 Find the most comfortable position.
3 Take some deep breaths using your belly and relax.
4 Pinch the base of the cup with two fingers to let the air in, releasing the airtight seal.
5 You can also put one finger between the cup and the vaginal wall.
6 Do not pull the stem without having released the airtight seal, you could hurt yourself.

How do you wash and disinfect the menstrual cup?

1 Take the menstrual cup out, empty the menstrual blood in the toilet and wash the cup with running water and soap.
2 Accurately rinse to avoid the presence of annoying soap residuals.
3 It is not necessary to sterilize the cup every time you empty it.
4 Clean the cup holes if you see they are obstructed.
5 To sterilize your cup, it is enough to boil it in a pot of water for 5-8 minutes.
6 If you are in a public toilet, you can wash your cup with some bottled water or you can reinsert it after having emptied the menstrual blood. As soon as you will be at home, you will wash it as usual.

Some useful tips to use your menstrual cup in a simple way:

1 Especially at the beginning, many women feel more confident using the menstrual cup together with a washable panty liner or a pair of menstrual panties.
2 Locate your cervix to figure out how high should the cup be positioned. Do it during the days of the menstrual flow because the cervix lowers. Put a finger in the vaginal canal and when you feel its end you are arrived to the cervix.
3 Do not push the menstrual cup too high, it should sit lower than tampons.
4 Always wash your hands and, if you can, keep your nails short not to risk to hurt yourself.
5 Do not cut the stem at once but wait until you have tried the cup. The stem never has to protrude out the vaginal canal.


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