How do you wash

Some parents are worried about how to wash cloth diapers, this section of our website will give you the guidelines for washing your Culla di Teby cloth nappies in a right, sustainable and safe way, whether you use Cradle shaped nappies or our Fitted model.

How often should I wash my cloth diapers?

You can wash your cloth diapers in the washing machine every two days, with a drop of ecological laundry soap. While waiting for the day of the laundry, you can put the soiled nappies in a little bin or in a wetbag.

How do you wash cloth nappies?

Washing our cloth diapers is easier than you think! We suggest 40°C using a normal washing machine cycle, both for baby pants and for absorbent pads. Every ten days, wash at 60°C only the absorbent parts adding some percarbonate to sanitise and remove stains.

How do you remove stains from cloth diapers?

Washing cloth diapers when there is some poop is easier by using the flushable nappy liner, it will help you to flush most of it. Then pre-wash the nappies with cold water and a vegetal soap bar as you will do with rompers or baby clothes.

What kind of soap should I use with washable diapers?

In order to wash your cloth diapers in the best way, you can employ the liquid soap you normally use as long as it has no softener and optical brighteners. It is better to use ecological liquid soaps, percarbonate, to whiten and sanitise, and citric acid as a softener.

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide?

Read our article:

Throw away the biodegradable nappy liner

Pre-wash your cloth nappies with a vegetal soap bar and cold water in order that stains will not dry

Wash them in the washing machine using a normal laundry cycle

You can use the dryer for all the absorbent parts and for cotton baby pants

As soon as possible hung them in the sun! It is sustainable, stains removing, sanitising and it is for free!

Follow our tips for a sustainable laundry and a happy planet




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