Zero waste means zero rubbish

Zero Waste means reducing as much as possible all the wastefulness and the garbage production until zeroing them. This means optimizing the production of goods and reusing what we already have, trying to avoid as much as possible that act (become nearly compulsive in our modern society) of throwing away and buying and continuing so again and again.

Our Zero Waste Philosophy

Our Zero Waste philosophy has its roots in 2011, when as a new mother I understood that buying, throwing away and then buying again the diapers for my son was an enormous wastefulness of resources and energies and that it would have intoxicated my children’s future home. Thus was born Culla di Teby, a family business that manufactures in Italy eco-friendly and plastic-free products to help people like us to find practical and feasible zero waste solutions. When we can’t directly manufacture our products, we choose suppliers that share our concerns about the planet, and we favour the products quality, fair work conditions and the proximity to our headquarters.

Tips to become Zero Waste people

  • Do not rush to throw away all the disposable and plastic items you have at home; use them until their “end of life” because Zero Waste means Zero rubbish, so do not produce a lot of it at once because of your urge of clearing the plastic off from your home.
  • Look at what you already have at home and give it a new life. In this way a pickles jar can become a food storage container that costs nothing.
  • Choose reusable products like the period panties or our washable kitchen sponge; those are only few examples of products that can definitively substitute disposable products.
  • Choose second-hand products when it is possible and give away or sell what you do not use any more.
  • When you do your shopping, mind packaging materials.
  • Choose loose products; if you have some time, try to produce something by yourself and…
    …enjoy making your own researches! There is a whole world to discover and love through our daily gestures

Zero Waste products

In our Zero Waste online Shop you will find three sections:

Culla di Teby: the Zero Waste shop dedicated to the baby line; here you can find our cradle shaped cloth nappies, the Fitted washable diapers, the washable retentive swimsuits, the fabulous Maxallones, the trousers that grow with your child, and many other products for moms and babies.

Teby Pink: our Zero Waste product line thought for women; in this section you can find our products for eco-friendly menstruations like the menstrual cup, period panties and washable sanitary napkins; you will also find many products for an eco-friendly skin care such as our makeup remover pads and the solid shampoos.

Teby Home: the Zero Waste products for your home that will help you day by day to produce less rubbish and to have a life more and more plastic free.



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