Period panties

This page will help you choose the right size for you. Take a moment to measure yourself, we recommend that you take a tape measure and stand in front of a mirror. Take a moment to measure yourself, stand in front of a mirror, a tape measure is reccomended. It is important to measure yourself correctly to avoid making a return and thus emitting more CO2 into our planet. You will have to pay for the return, but at a reduced price. We know that many brands provide free returns, but we think that this encourages hasty purchases and therefore a greater chance of getting the wrong size.

How do I choose my Teby period underwear size?

  • Place a tape measure on your skin and leave it slightly soft. It should not be too tight! Start measuring your body with the tape, leaving it slightly soft. It should not be too tight!
  • Measure the most prominent part of the breast.
  • Measure the bust just below the breast at its widest part.
  • Measure your waist: the narrowest part. It may not correspond to your navel.
  • Measure your hips at the widest part, usually the reference is the pelvic bones.

How Teby menstrual panties fit

  • Take all measurements
  • Follow the size chart below
  • Remember that you will be wearing pants at a time when you may be more bloated.
  • Follow only our size guide, do not compare with other measurement systems.

Menstrual panties: size guide

  • Compare your centimetres with the chart.
  • Take the measurement more than once to be sure.
  • Stay loose in your measurement.
  • Eg. if your hips are 97 cm choose a size 46 and not 44.

Watch the video to choose the correct size

You can activate the English subtitles


If you still have doubts do not hesitate to contact us by writing to: [email protected]

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