The most discreet retention for menstruation and light urinary incontinence

Stop to skin rashes thanks to breathable textiles

Insert one or more absorbent pads based on your flow

Just one panty is enough for different absorbency needs

Our panties are soft and thin as a second skin.

Reusable Period underwear

Teby Pink period underwear are 100% made in Italy; they have been ideated, designed and manufactured in Italy using Oeko Tex certified textiles.
Teby Pink period panties are comfortable and eco-friendly, they are perfect for every kind of menstrual flow thanks to our patent pending system that allows you to use different combinations of absorbent layers depending on your needs!
Just one pair of panties for different moments of the menstrual cycle or for light incontinence.

How do you use Teby Pink period underwear?

  • Our washable period underwear are washable knickers you can use in place of traditional sanitary napkins or together with a menstrual cup or tampons in order to have more retention.
  • Teby designed these period underwear that allow you to choose different combination of absorbent layers based on the different flows occurring during your period.
  • Add as you wish one or more absorbent layers in the pouch and your period panties are ready to be worn!
  • The internal layer made of waterproof material will stop leakages.
  • You will never again have to care about buying different panties for different flows.
  • When you feel the need, change your period panties and wash them to reuse them as many times as you like. They can last even more than 5 years!

How do you wash period panties?

  • When you change your menstrual panties, if you can use some running water, wash them with cold water and a quick rub with some soap (even the hand soap is perfect!)
  • If you are not at home, place your period underwear in a wet-bag and wash them when you get back to home.
  • Soak them in cold water (a flawless trick to remove blood stains!)
  • Wash every 48 hours at the most, in the washing machine at 40°/50° C or by hand if you prefer.
  • Thanks to the detachable absorbent layers, Teby Pink period underwear can be washed and sterilized more easily than other models on the market.
  • Allow to dry in the open air or over a radiator… but they should never touch heat sources.

When do you use Teby washable period underwear?

  • You can begin to use your Teby Pink period underwear some days before your period, in this way it will not find you unprepared!
  • Use them in place of tampons.
  • If you use a menstrual cup but you wear a panty liner because it makes you feel more confident, period panties are exactly what you need.
  • If you have a very heavy flow, you can use them together with the menstrual cup or tampons, not to risk stains in the days of heavier flow.
  • If you have a light flow, completely leave uncomfortable sanitary pads and switch to Teby Pink menstrual underwear to really feel freer.
  • Use them in place of panty liners when you have little leakages after or before the menstrual cycle or during pregnancy.
  • Do you know absorbent panties are perfect for small urine leaks? Many women suffer from this problem and have to use hot and uncomfortable plastic absorbent pads… Teby panties are a gentler solution for your sensitive skin!

What are Teby Pink period underwear made of?

  • In Teby Pink menstrual panties, the fabric touching your skin can be made of soft cotton or coolmax, a textile that gives a dry effect.
  • You will choose how many absorbent layers you really need and it will be easy to place them in the pouch thanks to the small shovel we appositely studied.
  • Inside the period underwear, a layer made of PUL (waterproof but breathable textile) will act as a barrier to avoid stains.
  • All our period panties are manufactured using textiles that have received the Oeko Tex Standard 100 class 1 certification.

Advantages of period underwear

  • You will always feel free and protected.
  • They are much gentler than traditional disposable sanitary napkins.
  • A woman uses about 11,000 sanitary napkins during her fertile life, when discarded they will decompose in about 500 years.
  • They are eco-friendly, you will not have to continue buying and wasting any more.
  • They are inexpensive; even if at the beginning the cost is higher, it will be recouped in years of usage.
  • Teby Pink panties are unique: you can modify the absorbent layers as you prefer and you can use them with every kind of menstrual flow and with small urine leaks.

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