0-36 months

How many cloth nappies do you need to start using them?

There is not long to wait! The day of the birth of your little one is nearer every day; things for the hospital are ready and the drawers of the changing table begin to be full of little garments, rompers, baby clothes and socks so little you cannot stop thinking about how beautiful those little feet will be…

If you want to start using our cloth nappies at once, we recommend you to buy at least 2 or 3 cradle shaped baby panties and 6 absorbent pads, you can also add 1 or 2 Fitted nappies and 1 Cover. With this little kit you will be able to test cloth nappies mixing their usage with that of disposable nappies. If instead you prefer to use only cloth nappies, buy, for your baby layette, the Small kit.

Do you prefer to wait some weeks after the childbirth? Choose directly the Medium size.

The baby is born!

Today a mom, a baby and a father were born! At the hospital everything is a continuous spinning of emotions. You will begin to acquaint yourself with the newborn, you will have a thousand questions and doubts…. Cuddle your baby and let him cuddle you!

And if you feel brave… use your Culla di Teby Cloth Nappies when you are still at the hospital, maybe with the sustainable disposable inserts… or wait for the peace of your home. Do not be in a hurry… You’ll be a fantastic mom!

How many cloth nappies do you need per day for a newborn?

Newborns drink lots and lots of milk and make lots and lots of pee and poop! Do not worry and be happy instead for every wet nappy you find! This means your baby is eating a lot and well!

You know your baby is eating enough if he wets at least 6-7 nappies per day on the average. Sometimes it will be necessary to change even 8-9 nappies… but do not be afraid, the more your baby will grow, the less nappy changes you will have to do…

With newborns babies, it is useful to have some more Cradle in your cloth nappies kit.

The skin of a newborn is thin and very sensitive, using cloth nappies helps prevent skin rashes. For a delicate skin you need a gentle textile, for this reason all our fabrics are Oeko Tex and GOTS certified! You can also use our disposable absorbent pads without any worry, they are plastic, chlorine and additive free and 100% made in Italy as well!

Do you think cloth nappies are bulky? Not with the models coming in different sizes!

Culla di Teby special baby pants have been designed to adapt to the different growth needs of you little one from 0 to 36 months.

When your baby sleeps, Teby cloth nappy maintains his little hips in a physiological position and the liquid poop of the first months is stopped by the double barriers around the thighs and the special back pouch.

After a few months, your curious little one will desire to sit and look at the world… and the soft textile around the waist will not mark his little tummy.

Then, your baby will begin to play, roll, slide and crawl; thanks to the back closure your little explorer will be free of moving… until he will begin to run here and there.

Cloth nappies away from home

You will be able to use your Culla di Teby cloth nappies as you prefer and everywhere!

Do you need to stay away from home? To pay the grandparents a visit? To take a walk or to do the shopping? Take with you a pair of spare baby pants and some washable inserts with a wetbag to store the wet ones.

If it makes you feel freer, use Teby sustainable disposable inserts, we designed them exactly for these moments! In this way you will be always confident for what your baby wears.

Retentive swimsuit or cloth nappy?

Culla di Teby cloth nappy is the only patented diaper that can be transformed in a retentive swimsuit.

Insert our Swim special absorbent pad in your Culla di Teby baby pants and your cloth nappy will become a super retentive swimsuit, you will be ready to bathe at the seashore!

If you are looking for a retentive swimsuit for the swimming pool, Teby Swimsuit kit is perfect for you!

Remember that you can easily transform the baby pants of the swimsuit kit in a cloth nappy by using the washable inserts.

If you still have some doubts, our "Guide ‘babies at the seaside: swimsuit or diaper" will help you in the choice

Cloth nappies at night time

Try to add one more absorbent pad to your Culla di Teby cloth nappies.

Overlap the absorbent layers to find your perfect mix

Our suggestion is to try with the fleece, that gives a dry effect, on the top and a hemp insert, that traps the wet, beneath it.

Do you need a more absorbent cloth nappy at night time? Choose our Fitted cloth nappy, it’s super absorbent!

No more nappies!

Every baby achieves the goal of making pee in the potty with his own times.

Usually, babies using cloth nappies reach this important goal before the others.

You will be able to use Culla di Teby cloth nappies as trainer baby pants by employing our super thin Swim absorbent pad, your child will feel freer but at the same time there will be a light barrier for little leakages…



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