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Menstrual Cup

Size 1: it is suitable for women younger than 30 years old that have not delivered vaginally; for those who are very sporty and have tonic pelvic muscles.

Size 2:it is suggested for women over 30 years old or having given birth vaginally.

Tonic is suitable for very sporty women or for who has a strong pelvic floor.

Soft is made for women having a sedentary lifestyle and is more sensitive.

You can use your Teby Cup up to 8-12 hours depending on your flow.
The first few times you use it, empty the cup every 3-4 hours in order to understand what kind of flow you have.

Menstrual cups are very convenient for women having heavy flows. Teby Cup contains the same amount of menstrual fluid absorbed by three XL tampons. The first few times you use it, empty the cup every 3-4 hours so as to understand what kind of flow you have.

Absolutely yes! Urine never comes into contact with the menstrual cup differently from what happens with tampons that have a string that can get soiled.

The menstrual blood is collected into the cup and never comes back in uterus, not even if you are laying.

Yes, if you are virgin, you can confidently use our Teby Cup. Maybe, it will be a little bit more difficult because the muscles of young women are very tonic and so, maybe, you will need a few more breaths to relax your muscles. Try your cup when you have a moment of tranquillity and if you do not feel at your ease, take your time and try again later.
Do you fear the cup can pierce the hymen and to lose virginity?
‘Until today, we know that the hymen may be completely absent and that, if present, it is still not an indicator of virginity. Furthermore, several researchers doubt that its breakage and the bleeding after the first sexual intercourse is such a common event’
Source: Wikipedia, to read all the article and more information, click here (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imene_(anatomia)

You can play all the sports you want; the best aspect of the cup is that you can be totally free. When playing water sports, it is definitely better than tampons that tend to swell up with water that can enter the vaginal canal.

No, the vaginal canal has an end the cup cannot pass through. In the case it went a little higher in the vaginal canal, do not worry. Try to relax your muscles (if they are contracted, it could be difficult to take the cup out), take some deep breaths using your diaphragm and, while inspiring and inflating your belly, make some movements with your pelvic muscles as if you had to urinate. Repeat these movements rhythmically a few times, in this way the cup will gently go down. Then, grab the stem, pinch the rim of the cup and take it out. After the night, wait about one hour before emptying the cup because during those hours it can go a little higher in the vaginal canal.

It depends from the seriousness of the prolapse, we suggest you to ask to your gynaecologist or your obstetrician.

Yes, you can use it; maybe you will need a little more time to understand how to correctly insert the cup. The first few times, we suggest you to use it together with a pair of menstrual panties or a reusable sanitary pad.
Women having retroverted uterus could feel a light pressure when they need to defecate; in that case, we suggest to take the cup out before evacuating.

No, you need to take out the cup before having sexual intercourses with penetration. The menstrual cup is not a contraceptive nor is the period! Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

How to use
Mestruale Teby Cup Teby Cup

  • At the beginning of your period, sterilize your menstrual cup by boiling it in water for 5-8 minutes.
  • Fold your Teby Cup as you prefer. You can make a C or Punch Down folding.
  • Find a comfortable position and insert the cup. You can do it seated on the bidet or on the toilet or you can try standing and rising one leg.
  • After 4-12 hours, empty the cup, wash it with water and soap and reuse it!

There can be several reasons for blood leaks when using a menstrual cup.

  • Maybe the menstrual cup has not correctly sprung open. Contract and relax your pelvic muscles or pinch the cup base and slightly rotate it.
  • If you find little stains, maybe the vaginal canal is not clean. After having inserted the menstrual cup, you can clean the vaginal canal using one wet finger.
  • The cup has been inserted too high and has enclosed the cervix, next time place it lower.
  • Most women have to set up the cup with an angle of about 45° toward their back.
  • If holes are obstructed, it will be enough to clean them with some water and a sterilized needle.
  • Some women with retroverted uterus will probably always have small fluid leakages, but even so they can conveniently use the cup together with menstrual panties or panty liners.

If you feel uncomfortable and some pressure, the reason could be:

  • the cup has not correctly sprung open
  • it has been inserted too high and causes pressure against the cervix; in this case the discomfort is immediately felt, it is enough to take the cup out and place it lower.
  • if you feel something pinching between your vagina lips, most probably you have to cut the cup stem.
  • women with retroverted uterus, if they suffer of constipation, may feel a greater pressure because of the menstrual cup.
  • Pay attention to choose the right size; if you are tiny, even if you delivered vaginally, you could need a size 1 cup.

It could be necessary some menstrual cycles to completely get used to the menstrual cup. In this case, we suggest you to use it only when you will be confident and relaxed about it, as you will get more experienced you will become able to use your cup day and night in every situation.

If your cup springs open with difficulty, try these tricks:

  • When you insert the cup relax the muscles of your abdomen.
  • The Punch Down folding is the one that opens more easily
  • When you fold the cup put the convex part, the one with the hump, toward the pubic bone and the part with the fold toward your back. By using this trick, the cup will enter the vaginal canal more easily and will not have any problem to spring open.
  • You can even lubricate the menstrual cup by using some water based specific lube or some water.

If you just gave birth to a child or had a miscarriage, we suggest you to wait at least six months before beginning to use a menstrual cup. If you already had a menstrual cup, we suggest you to verify if it still fits you, because a woman’s body changes and maybe you will need a bigger size or a softer model.

Teby Cup menstrual
cup sanitary

  • Take the menstrual cup out, empty the menstrual blood in the toilet and wash the cup with running water and soap.
  • Accurately rinse to avoid the presence of annoying soap residuals.
  • It is not necessary to sterilize the cup every time you empty it.
  • Clean the cup holes if you see they are obstructed.

To sterilize your cup, it is enough to boil it in a pot of water for 5-8 minutes.

If you are in a public toilet, you can wash your cup with some bottled water or you can reinsert it after having emptied the menstrual blood. As soon as you will be at home, you will wash it as usual.

If your menstrual cup has a bad smell, it can be caused be one of these reasons:

  • The cup has not been correctly washed
  • you have used the cup for more time than what is suggested
  • you washed the cup with hot water. Hot water tends to fix stains and smells, for this reason we suggest you to wash the cup with cold water and intimate care soap and to boil it in water only after this operation.
  • if the bad smell does not pass, you can use a sterilizing liquid like Milton solution. After having followed the producer instructions, wash thoroughly the cup with water and soap and then boil it for 3-5 minutes so to remove any residual of the sterilizing solution.
  • if none of these options works, it is the moment to change your menstrual cup. Sometimes old menstrual cups can give this kind of problem.

In this case, we suggest you to contact your gynaecologist or your trusted obstetrician to verify if you can use the menstrual cup together with those contraceptive devices.

Teby Cup is made of certified medical grade platinic silicone.

Teby Cup is completely made in Italy.

If correctly used, washed and sanitized, Teby Cup menstrual cup can last even up to 10 years. It is important to sterilize the cup after the end of every period, waiting for it to dry before storing in the cotton bag. If your cup begins to become sticky, some cracks appear on its surface or it has a strange smell, it is time to replace it.

Teby Pink absorbent
period panties

Teby Pink absorbent panties can be used in the days before the period, during the menstrual cycle, for small urine leakages and during pregnancy. They can be used from the first menstruation to the third age.

  • Choose the right size for your body constitution
  • Insert one or more absorbent inserts in the pouch to change the absorbency of the panties based on your flow.

No, Teby Pink menstrual panties adapt to every kind of menstrual flow because you can choose how many absorbent layers you will need.

 Teby Pink period panties kit includes a pair of panties with pouch, two absorbent inserts and a small insertion shovel.

  • The frequency you will change your menstrual panties, as well as for traditional sanitary napkins or menstrual cups, changes depending on your flow or your urinary leakages. If you are already used to reusable sanitary pads, the change is quite similar.
  • If you have a very heavy flow, we suggest you to use our period panties together with the menstrual cup.
  • If you have a light flow, they will be perfect.
  • It is difficult to give an exact number if you do not exactly know what kind of flow you have.
  • We suggest you to begin with 2-3 pairs of period panties.
  • If you are not at home and cannot wash your period panties, put the soiled ones in a wet-bag, when you will be back home it will be enough to rinse and put them in the washing machine.
  • When you change your period panties, if you have some running water, wash them with cold water and a quick rub of soap (even the hand soap is perfect!)
  • Soak them in cold water (a flawless trick to remove menstrual blood stains! Pay attention to change the water every now and then)
  • Wash every 48 hours at the most, in the washing machine at 40°/50° C or by hand if you prefer.
  • Thanks to the detachable absorbent layers, Teby Pink period panties can be washed and sterilized more easily because water circulates better among the layers of fabric.
  • Allow to dry in the open air or over a radiator… but they should never touch heat sources.
  • If you want to sanitize them, use some percarbonate.

 Menstrual blood or urine leaks will be absorbed thanks to the layers of absorbent inserts you will put in the pouch.

Teby Pink period panties give you a double choice for what concerns the textile in contact with your skin, you can choose between:

  • coolmax: a breathable and absorbent technical fabric that makes you feel dry.
  • cotton: soft and natural, to always feel cool.

We choose to file the patent for our period panties because they are special if compared to the other products on the market. Women do not like to have to buy different panties depending on their menstrual flow. This because every woman has days with light flow and others of heavier flow. More or less, every woman has some fluctuations. So, we decided to create a panty that adapts to every day of a woman’s period.

 Yes, absorbent panties are perfect with small urinary leakages.

Yes, period panties are very comfortable during postpartum period as well, we suggest you to choose those made of cotton, really cool and gentle on your skin.

If correctly washed, Teby Pink period panties can last for many years of menstruation. Remember that when your period panties will not perfectly work anymore, you can continue to use them as traditional knickers.

Our period panties, like all our textile products, are entirely manufactured in Italy by our artisans, a few kilometres from our headquarters. Our production is completely Made in Italy, no part of the manufacturing process is made elsewhere.

Our period panties are made of textiles that received the Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certification in order to warrant the maximum safety to your skin; moreover, to manufacture in Italy means giving the right price to work.
Even if at the beginning the cost could seem high, you will anyway save much money because you will not have to continue buying and throwing away sanitary napkins at every menstrual cycle any more.

Washable pads
Teby Pink

Reusable sanitary pads have the shape of traditional sanitary napkins but are made of textile; they are composed of different layers of fabric designed to absorb the menstrual flow. A special internal waterproof layer will prevent stains.

  • Cotton: it is the most natural and breathable fabric for your skin!
  • Microfleece: it gives a pleasant dry effect and is very easy to clean.
  • They can be used during the whole menstrual cycle
  • They are very convenient during the days before the menstruation, at night, not to worry about soiling your bed
  • The panty liner is perfect even during ovulation days when many women have annoying spills
  • Reusable sanitary pads can be used even with menstrual cups
  • You can use absorbent pads for light urinary incontinence
  • They are perfect during the postpartum period because they are really soft

It depends from how you want to use them:

  • If you want to use them in place of disposable sanitary napkins, then count how many of these you use per day and multiply for 3. In this way, you will have enough pads in your stock to be able to wash and dry them cyclically during the period.
  • If you want to mix their use with that of disposable sanitary napkins, I suggest you to buy 3-6 units
  • If you will use them together with tampons or a menstrual cup, then I suggest you to only buy panty liners and regular, from 2 to 4 units
  • If you want to use them only in the days before your period, choose the night or postpartum model, 2 pairs will be enough

When you remove the pad, prewash it with cold water and some neutral soap, then soak them in cold water (2 hours to 2 days at most); after, wash the pads as usual at 40°/50° C with a bit of eco-friendly soap.
If you need to sanitize them, use some percarbonate.

If correctly washed, they can last for many years. We advise against using bleach.

The trick to avoid stains to dry and fix is to maintain pads wet. It will be enough to put them in the specific wet-bag. When you will return home, you can wash them as usual.
rsi anni. Sconsigliamo l’utilizzo di candeggina.

Teby Pink reusable sanitary pads also are handmade in Italy by our qualified artisans. Slight differences in the article are specific of handmade products.

How does return and
exchange policy work?

1 If you received a wrong or damaged product, do not worry, we will immediately exchange it at our expense.

2 When you buy period panties, we suggest you to check with attention our guide to sizes and then measuring your body. You know the menstrual cycle can cause bloating in women, so, if you cannot decide between a small size or a larger one, choose the latter, it will be more comfortable in those special days.

3 If even so you bought the wrong size, do not worry, we can exchange it; but remember you do not have to use or wash the product for any reason because in this case we will not be able to exchange it. Those rules are primarily thought for hygiene reasons and we are sure you can understand them.

4 For hygienic and sanitary reasons, no feminine hygiene product (period panties, reusable sanitary pads, menstrual cups) can be tried on and then exchanged.

5 If you want to return a product, it has to be sent back in its original box, complete with tags and hygienic protection sticker.

6 If signs of usage are found, we will not be able to exchange the product and all shipping costs, included the return shipping charges, will be at customer’s expense.

For any doubt about what to buy, how to use a product or how to make returns, visit our contacts page!

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