1. Introduction
2. Who is the data controller?
3. What are Cookies and other similar technologies?
4. Authorisation for the use of cookies on the Site
5. Which categories of data are collected and used by the Data Controller
6. Types of cookies used on the Site
7. List of Cookies used on the Site
8. Why is this data collected?
9. How long will the data be stored?
10. Cookie Management
11. What are the data protection rights and how can they be exercised?
12. Contact details of the data controller

This Cookie Policy provides information on cookies and other similar tracking technologies (hereinafter, collectively referred to as "Cookies") used on the Company's website (hereinafter, the "Site") in order to enable you to better understand the use of Cookies while browsing and to provide your consent to do so. The Company uses Cookies to make the Site easier to use and to better tailor both the Site and the products and services provided on it to your and/or your customer's interests and needs. Cookies may also be used to speed up and improve future experiences and activities on the Site.

2. Who is the Data Controller? Where the terms "Company", "its/your" or "Data Controller" appear within this Cookie Policy, they are intended to refer to: Steinmann& Co Sas Di Cristina Colombo via Cappelletta 46 20857 Camparada (mb) P.Iva It 07472630966 Rea Mb-1878291 Codice Sdi Usal8pv, which is the owner of the processing of Users' and/or Customers' personal data pursuant to this Cookie Policy. 3. What are Cookies and other similar technologies? Cookies are small strings of text stored on your computer, hard drive, smartphone or tablet (hereafter: "Device") when you visit a website. Cookies contain a small amount of data specific to the User and/or the Customer and allow a server to propose a personalised page on the User's and/or Customer's Device. On the Site, the Data Controller may also use similar technologies defined as "tags" (such as "tracking pixels" or "scripts"), "HTML5 local storage", "Web beacons" or "plug-ins" as well as "software development kits" (SDKs) and fingerprint recognition techniques, i.e. technologies that enable the storage of or access to information on the User's and/or Customer's Device in order to identify the latter for the purpose of analysing their visits to a website. These technologies may also be used in conjunction with Cookies to allow the storage of information on the Device used by the User and/or the Customer to access the Website, or transmission to and from it. In addition, by implementing Cookies, if the User and/or the Customer returns to the Website, the latter can read and recognise these technologies, which are mainly used for the operation of the Website or to improve its functioning, as well as to provide commercial and marketing information to the owner of the Website. In particular, on each subsequent visit, the cookies are sent to the website that created them (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognises them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise the User's and/or Customer's device. They serve different purposes, such as enabling efficient navigation between pages, remembering the User's and/or Customer's favourite sites and generally improving the browsing experience. They also help to ensure that the advertising content displayed online is more targeted to the User's and/or Customer's interests. 4. Authorisation for the use of cookies on the Site In accordance with the notice on the use of Cookies in the Cookie Policy published on the homepage of the Website, by clicking on the "Accept" button in the Cookie banner and continuing to browse the Website, the User consents to the installation and use of Cookies described therein, unless the User has previously set his or her cookie preferences in the relevant section of the Cookie banner ("Cookie Preferences") or has changed his or her browser settings to disable their use. Please note, however, that disabling the cookies used by the Company may affect the User's user experience when browsing and/or using the Site. 5. What categories of data are collected and used by the Data Controller? If the User visits the Site and uses the online booking and/or sales service, the Data Controller collects the categories of personal data described below: Personal data automatically collected by the Site and third parties Information relating to your visits to and use of the Site, such as the device and browser you are using, the IP address or domain names of the computers connected to the Site, the URI addresses of the requests made, the time of the request, the date and time of the visit, the duration of the visit, the referring site, and the navigation path on the Site relating to your visit and interactions on the Site, including the services and offers in which you are interested. Please note that we may associate this information with your account. For more information on the purposes for which the Data Controller collects and uses this information, see the following paragraph. 6. Types of cookies used on the Site 6.1 Types of Cookies by Management Entity Depending on the entity operating the Site or domain from which the Cookies are set and processed, there are the following types of Cookies: Proprietary cookies: these are sent to the User's and/or Customer's Device from a website or domain managed by the Data Controller and from which the service requested by the User and/or Customer is provided. Third-party cookies: these are sent to the User's and/or Customer's Device from a website or domain other than those visited and not managed by the Data Controller, but by a separate entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies. 6.2 Types of Cookies according to the duration of time for which you remain logged in: Depending on how long the User and/or Customer remains active on their Device, there are the following types of Cookies: Session cookies: their function is to receive and store data when the User and/or Customer accesses the Site. These cookies are not stored on the device when the browser session is terminated or when the website is closed. Persistent Cookies: this type of Cookie remains stored on the User's and/or Customer's Device, is accessible and can be processed both after the User and/or Customer has left the Site and when they navigate within it for a certain period of time. The Cookie remains on the hard disk until it reaches its expiry date. 6.3 Types of Cookies and other similar technologies according to their purpose Cookies and other similar technologies (collectively "Cookies") can be grouped as follows: Technical cookies: these cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the website, are essential for navigation and allow the use of various functions of the website. Without them, it is not possible to use the search function, nor to benefit from other services available on the Site. For this type of cookie, the Data Controller - according to current legislation - is not required to ask the User's consent, as they are strictly necessary for the normal operation of the Site. Cookies for storing preferences (or Personalisation Cookies): these are used to facilitate navigation on the Site, as well as to remember the User's and/or Customer's choices and offer more personalised services. In some cases the Data Controller may authorise advertisers or other third parties to place Cookies on the Site in order to offer personalised content and services. If Cookies are blocked, the Company cannot ensure the operation of such services. Analytical cookies for statistical and traffic measurement purposes: these cookies collect information on the use of the Website, the pages visited and any errors that may occur during navigation. The Company also uses these cookies to recognise the place of origin of visits to the Site. They do not collect information that personally identifies the User. All information is collected anonymously and is used to improve the operation of the Site through statistical information. These cookies therefore do not contain any personal data. In some cases, some of these Cookies are managed by third parties on behalf of the Company. However, these third parties cannot use the Cookies for purposes other than those mentioned above. Advertising and remarketing cookies: these cookies are used to collect information so that the advertisements proposed are more interesting for the User and/or the Customer, as well as to show other advertising campaigns together with advertisements on the Site or on third party websites. These cookies are mostly "third party cookies" that are not directly managed by the Company and, due to their operation, are not accessible by the latter, which is not responsible for their management and purpose. This Privacy Policy includes more information regarding the operation of third party cookies, their purpose and use. Such information is contained in the list of Cookies available in article 7 of this Cookie Policy. For this purpose, the Company may also use the services of third parties in order to collect data and/or publish advertisements when the User and/or the Customer visit the Site. These companies often use anonymous and aggregate information (which does not include, for example, your name, address, email address or telephone number) about visits to this Site and other websites in order to serve advertisements about goods and services of interest to you and/or the Customer. Social network cookies: these cookies allow the User and/or Customer to share the Site and click "Like" on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They also allow interaction with the content of each platform. They also allow you to interact with the content of each individual platform. The way these Cookies work and the information they collect are governed by the privacy policy of each social platform, which can be found in the list below in paragraph 11.5. 6.4 Social media plug-ins While browsing the Site, the User may be allowed to share via email with other users and/or publish his/her search and/or ad directly on his/her profile on the most popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp) through the "Share" button. To this end, so-called Social Media plug-ins are used on the Site, which, for the purpose of greater User protection, are integrated through the so-called 'double click' system, which requires a specific voluntary action by the User. Through the integration of the aforementioned plug-ins on the Website, when the User accesses the Website, the User's browser may request content from the provider of this plug-in (i.e. the social network) and, to this end, transmit the User's personal data to it, even if the User does not have a social media account or is not currently connected to it. This information includes, but is not limited to, the User's IP address and any interaction of the User with the aforementioned Social Media plug-ins (e.g. his/her access to the corresponding page of the Site or his/her simple click on the "Share" button). In addition, when the User interacts with the aforementioned plug-ins, the browser used by the User - by connecting directly to the server of the social network chosen by the User - may transmit information to the Company website regarding the content that the User has decided to publish or share, via the Social Media plug-ins, on the chosen social network. For more information on the purpose and scope of the collection of data by social networks through these plug-ins, on the further processing and use of this data by Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp as well as on how to change the Privacy Settings of your social account, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the respective social network, available at the following links: FACEBOOK/MESSENGER: https://it-it.facebook.com/about/privacy/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/it/privacy INSTAGRAM: https://help.instagram.com/519522125107875 WHATSAPP: https://www.whatsapp.com/legal?eea=0#privacy-policy

List of Cookies used on the Site To view the list of cookies used on this website, please visit the following page The information contained in the above list has been provided by third party partners who have created it and shared it with the Data Controller. These third party partners have their own privacy policies and/or cookie policies in which they set out their declarations as well as the disabling systems applicable. The Controller is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy and/or cookie policies of third parties contained in this Cookie Policy. 8. Why is this data collected? Why? A. To create and maintain the contractual relationship established for the provision of the requested service at every stage and through any possible additions and amendments. On what legal basis? To provide the requested service

Why? B. To comply with legal, regulatory and compliance requirements and to respond to requests from government or law enforcement agencies that are conducting an investigation. On what legal basis? To comply with the law

Why? C. To carry out anonymous and aggregate statistical analysis, so that we can see how the Site and the products and services provided on it are used and verify the performance of the Company's business. On what legal basis? To pursue the legitimate interest of the Company (i.e. to improve the Site, its functions and the products and services offered)

Why? D. To tailor and personalize advertisements and online marketing notifications (e.g. Web Push Notifications) based on information collected through Cookies and related to your use of the website, products and services and other sites. On what legal basis? Where the User and/or Customer gives their consent (i.e. via the Cookie banner or via the browser settings)

Why? E. To allow third party advertisers to tailor and customise the advertisements and online marketing notifications to be displayed on the Site and/or on third party websites, based on the information provided by the Data Controller regarding the User's and/or Customer's use of its Site. On what legal basis? Where the User and/or Customer gives their consent (i.e. via the Cookie banner or via the browser settings)

9. How long will the data be stored? We retain personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes and carry out the activities described in this Cookie Policy, or as otherwise notified to you, or as long as permitted by applicable law. More information about the retention period can be found here: Data collected through tags Technical cookies Conservation period Max. 3 years Start date From the date of browsing the Site

Data collected through tags
Non-technical cookies
Conservation period
Max. 1 year
Start date
From the date of browsing the Site

10. Cookie Management Please note that if your Device does not have cookies enabled, your experience on the Website may be limited, thus preventing you from browsing and using the services offered by the Company. 10.1 How do I disable/enable cookies? There are various ways to manage cookies. By changing your browser settings, you can choose to disable cookies or to be notified before accepting them. You can also delete all installed Cookies in the Cookie folder of your browser. Please note that each browser has a different procedure for managing and configuring cookies. Below is how the main browsers handle cookies: MICROSOFT WINDOWS EXPLORER GOOGLE CHROME MOZILLA FIREFOX APPLE SAFARI If you are using another browser, please consult its help menu for further information. If you would like information on how to manage cookies on your tablet or smartphone, please refer to the relevant documentation or online help files. 10.2 How do I enable/disable third-party cookies? Third party cookies are not installed on the Site. They are installed by our partners or third parties when you visit our Website. You are therefore advised to consult the websites of the Company's partners for further information on the management of third party cookies installed. In any case, we invite you to visit the website http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/, where you can find useful information on the use of Cookies, as well as the measures you can take to protect your privacy on the Internet.

11. Quali sono i diritti alla protezione dei dati e come possono essere esercitati?
È possibile esercitare i diritti garantiti dal Regolamento UE 679/2016 (articoli 15-22), inclusi i diritti a:
Diritto di accesso: ricevere la conferma dell’esistenza dei dati personali, accedere al contenuto degli stessi e ottenerne una copia.

Diritto di rettifica: aggiornare, rettificare e/o correggere i dati personali.

Diritto alla cancellazione/diritto all’oblio e diritto di limitazione: richiedere la cancellazione dei dati o la limitazione dei dati che sono stati trattati in violazione della legge, inclusi quelli di cui non è necessaria l’archiviazione ai fini per cui i dati sono stati raccolti o trattati; qualora abbiamo reso pubblici i dati personali, l’Utente ha inoltre il diritto di richiedere la cancellazione dei dati personali e l’adozione di misure ragionevoli, anche tecniche, per informare gli altri titolari del trattamento che stanno trattando i dati personali della richiesta di cancellare qualsiasi link, copia o riproduzione di tali dati personali.

Diritto alla portabilità dei dati: ricevere in un formato strutturato, di uso comune e leggibile da dispositivo automatico una copia dei dati personali forniti al Titolare del trattamento ai fini di un contratto o con il consenso dell’Utente e di chiedere di trasferire tali dati personali a un altro titolare del trattamento.

Diritto di revoca del consenso: nell’eventualità in cui il Titolare del trattamento dipenda dal consenso dell’Utente, quest’ultimo avrà sempre la possibilità di revocare tale consenso, sebbene il Titolare del trattamento possa disporre di altre basi giuridiche per il trattamento dei suddetti dati per altri scopi.

Diritto di opposizione, in qualsiasi momento: diritto a opporsi in qualsiasi momento al trattamento dei dati personali in determinate circostanze (in particolare nei casi in cui non sia necessario trattare i dati per soddisfare requisiti contrattuali o legali, o qualora la Società utilizzi tali dati per attività di marketing diretto.

Diritto di non essere sottoposto a una decisione basata unicamente sul trattamento automatizzato, compresa la profilazione: è sempre possibile richiedere che venga invece effettuato un processo decisionale manuale, esprimere la propria opinione o contestare decisioni basate unicamente sul trattamento automatizzato, compresa la profilazione, se tali decisioni producono effetti giuridici o altri effetti analoghi.

È possibile esercitare tali diritti in qualsiasi momento nelle modalità seguenti:
contattando il Titolare del trattamento via e-mail all’indirizzo [email protected].
I diritti relativi ai dati personali possono essere limitati in alcune situazioni. Ad esempio, nel caso in cui soddisfare questa richiesta riveli i dati personali di un’altra persona o se vi sono requisiti legali o motivi legittimi cogenti, il Titolare del trattamento potrà proseguire il trattamento dei dati personali per cui è stata richiesta la cancellazione.
Esiste inoltre il diritto di sporgere un reclamo qualora si ritenga che le proprie informazioni personali siano state gestite scorrettamente. Si invita l’Utente a rivolgersi prima di tutto al Titolare del trattamento, ma è sua facoltà, nella misura in cui tale diritto si applichi al suo caso, sporgere reclamo direttamente all’autorità di controllo competente per la protezione dei dati.

12. Dati di contatto del Titolare del trattamento
I dati di contatto del Titolare del trattamento dei dati di cui sopra sono:
“Steinmann& Co Sas Di Cristina Colombo” via Cappelletta 46 20857 Camparada (mb) P.Iva It 07472630966 Rea Mb-1878291 Codice Sdi Usal8pv