1. Cradle with super-retentive back pouch.

2. Insert the absorbent pad you prefer to transform your nappy in a cloth diaper, in a hybrid cloth nappy or in a retentive swimsuit.

4. Our baby pants are soft and thin like a second skin

3. Double barrier around the thighs and anti-leakage system thanks to the special elastic band, soft and gentle on your baby’s skin.

Perfect wearability from 2.5 to 20 kgs thanks to the perfect sizes 

Patented system
Handmade in Italy

Hybrid cradle

Culla di Teby cloth nappies are 100% made in Italy; they have been ideated, designed and produced with Oeko tex and GOTS certified textiles. Teby washable diapers have been studied and patented to be convenient, for parents caring about their children’s wellbeing and about the environment without renouncing practicality.

What do Culla di Teby cloth nappies look like?

Culla di Teby cloth nappy is the first Italian diaper you can transform to suit your needs! Culla di Teby system consists of a diaper that is composed of a pair of soft cotton baby pants and a waterproof but transpiring cradle, made of technical textile, holding our washable or disposable absorbent inserts. It is a hybrid nappy and you can use it both as a common cloth nappy and as an eco-friendly disposable diaper; furthermore, you can use it even as a super-retentive swimsuit, it will be enough to choose the right absorbent pad.

Comfortable cloth nappies for moving around

Its shape has been specifically designed to match the natural build of children; the back part of the nappy is deep and large to wrap well the baby’s bottom and to create a retentive pouch; the front part, touching the tummy, is tight, soft and flat so as not to hinder the movements of your baby, whereas the part around the thighs adheres in a perfect and delicate way, minimizing lateral leakages. Buttons have been positioned in order to avoid touching the delicate babies’ skin.

Advantages of hybrid cloth nappies

You will be able to use your retentive baby pants both as a 100% washable nappy, by choosing the absorbent pads between those made of natural textiles and those produced using technical fabrics giving a dry effect, and as a hybrid cloth nappy, thanks to the eco-friendly disposable adsorbent insert. Last transformation: a retentive swimsuit that is perfect for a day at the sea or for the swimming pool! Made in Italy cloth nappies produced using Oeko Tex and GOTS certified textiles.

How to use Culla di Teby

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