Sale! 6 Retentive Pants kit

6 Retentive Pants kit

The kit constituted by retentive pants only has been studied for families that already have their own stock of absorbent pads. This kit on sale has been thought to allow you saving some money even if buying only pants.

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CULLA DI TEBY cloth nappies system  is a completely Italian Patent, pants have been studied to be very soft and light on the skin of your baby and to warrant a good retention in case of occasional leakages thanks to the double system of barriers.

Pants are composed by a soft jersey textile made of cotton, to follow the movements of your baby, and by a special “cradle”, made of technical fabric (called PUL), retaining pee and poo. Their shape have been appositely studied to encumber as little as possible, creating a retentive pouch on the baby’s butt and a flat pouch on the tummy, not to have annoying rubbings.

The back latch warrants the highest comfort, especially for those babies beginning to sit, crawl and walk.

It is easy to wear and change thanks to press-fasteners allowing you to detach the cradle when washing it but never touching the skin of the baby because hidden into the fabric.

Choose the most suitable size for your child: small, medium and large.

Retentive pants are always sold together with a cradle of a random colour (white or yellow or water)

Transform your Culla di Teby pants in:

-       Cloth nappy, adding the washable insert we thought for the most delicate skins

-       Hybrid nappy, using our Eco disposable insert, safe because without plastic, latex and tbt.

-       Retentive swimsuit, placing in the Swim insert, thought to be thin and extra fast drying



Less diaper rashes thanks to Oeko tex certified fabrics and to the manufacture totally made in Italy.

One baby panty that changes into cloth nappy, hybrid diaper and retentive swimsuit!

Pants have random colours.

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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