Hemp cotton inserts Cloth nappies - 3 pieces

The hemp and cotton inserts are a perfect fit for the Culla di Teby’s retentive panties and transform them into cloth nappies. Organic fabrics and Made in Italy.

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The cloth inserts are designed to fit perfectly into the “cradle”, no special folding required, because the two sizes adapt to our panties.


Why choose the Hemp cloth inserts?

  • Super absorbent thanks to their special fiber composition
  • Effect always soft thanks to the organic cotton velvet layer
  • No microplastic!


These cloth inserts are perfect for every parent looking for 100% natural cloth nappies.

Hemp has a strong absorbent effect and the cotton “velvet” layer always stays soft wash after wash, thus the cloth inserts are particularly suited to children with very sensitive skin and children that produce a considerable amount of urine.


Culla di Teby’s cloth insert is a really cloth nappies made of cotton and hemp, not just additional boosters.

For your child’s daytime changes you will only have to put in one cloth insert, and add another one for the night: you won’t have to buy additional inserts for napping.


They can be paired to our bamboo-pile washable inserts. Choose the side of your washable insert, if you wish you can ad a liner, insert it in the culla di teby pantie: your cloth nappy is ready!


Cloth inserts for cloth nappies are made of organic fabrics and hand sewd in Italy.


Ecological, economical, easy and safe nappies!

Culla di Teby Cloth nappies made in Italy

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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