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This wool cover for cloth nappies has been designed especially for babies with the most sensitive skin.

Culla di Teby’s cloth nappy has its characteristic cradle shape - patented - so that it can be easily attached to all of your Culla di Teby’s panties, making your nappie even more natural!

Which are the characteristics of Culla di Teby’s wool cloth nappy?

  • Highly breathable: wool nappies are the most breathable on the market
  • Extremely delicate on the skin: the wool cover is made of pure extra soft virgin wool (fleece wool) , and thanks to the special process it goes through it doesn’t itch like boiled wool, which could cause painful irritations
  • Water repellent: wool covers, thanks to the lanoline, absorb humidity but doesn’t let liquids out, keeping the exterior clothes dry.
  • Nothing elastics: there are no elastics that touch the skin
  • Thermoregulating: cloth nappies, thanks to their high breathability, are warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • Antibacterial: thanks to the power of lanoline, cloth nappies can be hanged to breathe between clothe changes (if not dirty with poop) without having to wash them every time, just once per month.


Hand made Italyoeko-tex

How to wash wool cloth nappies

  • Before the first use wash and lanolize the wool covers
  • Hand wash - suggested : wash in a bowl with 20-30 °C water. Use very little soap; we suggest Disana liquid soap. Do not soak the cloth nappies for too long. Don’t scrub ore use products containing perfumes or softeners. Rinse and wrap the cloth nappie in a towel to take out the excess water. Then lay horizontally on another dry towel. Keep away from heath sources or direct sunlight.
  • Washing machine: cloth nappies can be machined washed but only with a wool specific wash program at 20 °C. Repeated machine washing could felt the wool.

Attention: it is not necessary to wash the cloth nappies at every change! Between changes hang them out to breathe. Wash every 3-4 weeks (if only dirty with urine)


How to lanolize the wool cradle

Before the first use and every time you notice that your wool nappy doesn’t hold liquids well, regenerate it with lanoline. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of lanoline in 1 liter of lukewarm water (about 25 °C), soak the cloth nappy and wash gently, let it soak for 30 minutes, an hour at most. Do not rinse and dry like said above. This procedure must be done with clean and dry cloth nappies.

How to use Culla di Teby’s wool cloth nappies

Attach the cloth nappy to the Culla di Teby’s cotton panty, choose your insert (bamboo-pile or hemp-cotton or muslin) an put into the wool cradle... your washable nappy is start to use! Avoid tight fitting clothes which could squeeze the cover and make it leak. Also the cotton panty should not be tight.

As with every Culla di Teby’s item, also the wool cloth nappies are 100% made in Italy

Washable nappies handmade in Italy to support small local dressmakers.


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