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Sbiancante naturale per pannolini lavabili, assorbenti lavabili, mutand mestruali, …

Vuoi conoscere i tre magici usi dello sbiancante naturale BioBianco di Verdevero attivo a 30°C?

You can use it:

  • for your washes in the washing machine (added to the detergent);
  • pre-treat stains;
  • sanitize washing machine and dishwasher.

Washing machine

For washing white clothes, add 2 scoops in the tray together with BeiPanni Verdevero detergent.

For washing coloured clothes, add 1 scoop of BioBianco in the tray together with BeiPanni Verdevero detergent.

Lo sbiancante naturale per pannlini lavabili è perfetto quando vuoi fare tornare bianchi i uoi pannolini lavabili.

Stain pre-treatment

You can proceed in three different ways, choose the one that suits you best.

1. Put a cream on the stain.

You can create a cream with lukewarm water and BioBianco and rub the cream you have obtained directly on the stain, leave to act for a few minutes and put the garment in the washing machine. I advise you to make a small test in a not very visible area of the garment before proceeding to treat the stain.

Preparation: Fill ¼ of a measuring cup with BioBianco and add water up to half a measuring cup. Apply this mix directly on the stain to be treated and rub a few seconds before putting it in the washing machine.

2. Soak 1 hour of your clothes.

Fill a bowl with 4 litres of warm water (around 30°) and add:

  • 1 scoop of BioBianco for coloured clothes
  • 2 scoops of BioBianco for white clothes

Put on your clothes and let the product act for an hour. Then proceed with the normal washing.

3. Extreme evils, extreme remedies.

Use this trick for extreme cases, like when your child pours hot chocolate or the whole tub of ice cream on his shirt (both happened to me).

Wet the garment to be treated, sprinkle it with BioBianco in the area to be treated and roll the garment on itself until you have a "sausage" in your hand. Then roll it up and soak it for a couple of hours.

After the two hours unroll it and proceed to the normal levage.


BioBianco has a sanitizing effect and I recommend it for vacuum washing machines and dishwashers to keep them clean and sanitized.

For the washing machine: once every two months or so carry out a 90-degree vacuum wash, pouring two scoops of BioBianco directly into the detergent tray and operating the wash.

For the dishwasher: once a month it carries out a high temperature vacuum wash. Fill the detergent tray and close the door.

Operate the wash to obtain a hygienic and clean machine.

Verdevero ecological soaps chosen by Culla di Teby are 100% Made in Italy!


Use only if necessary, do not exceed in use and quantities.


Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Tetraacetilethilenediammina


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