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Hand and machine laundry liquid soap – 1 L

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To machine wash, pour the detergent in the right tray, dosing it with the cap. To pre-process persistent stains pour directly on the stain some drops of detergent, delicately rub and, then, hand or machine wash. The liquid soap is more delicate than normal powder detergents. It is good for all kind of clothing; it works at a lower temperature and does not remain inside fabrics. For doses, refer to the product label. Verdevero laundry soap is ICEA and VEGAN OK certified and, as all CULLA DI TEBY products, it is 100% made in Italy! Do you want some suggestions for a cleaner, healthier and cheaper laundry? Set the water temperature to 30/40 degrees. In case of persistent stains, pre-process with Verdevero vegetal soap and wash them before they dry. Do not overload the washing machine drum: this will weaken the mechanical action. Do not add softeners: it is not needed and it is detrimental for cloth nappies. The only action made by the softener is to bring back PH values at the end of the washing to neutral ph. Ph of pure Verdevero laundry soap is 9, when diluted it is 7.5 and at the end of the washing cycle it is 7. Consider that during years, they have been added to traditional softeners many synthesis substances that fix themselves to the fibres in order raise their softness and brightness. But the “magic” has undesired effects on your skin that, by absorbing these chemical agents, is exposed to skin rashes and dermatitis. Soap flakes, in spite of the common opinion, do not have a real washing power or they have just a little one. No to limescale. How? A descaler is completely useless; it only helps in polluting more. Detergents you can find on the market already contain complexing substances impeding the formation of limescale in water pipes and in the washing machine. Complexing substances (or zeolites) bond to calcium and magnesium ions that are in the water, these will otherwise combine with surfactants (which, instead, are for washing; to capture the filth). So, they have the function to sweeten the water. Verdevero laundry soap contains trisodium-methyl-glycyl-acetate that is a natural sequestrant (it catches the calcium). Water hardness The hardness of water is expressed in French degrees (°F). 1°F=10 mg calcium carbonate per litre of water. Look on the internet to know the hardness of the water of your aqueduct. To understand how to dose your detergent: Italian water hardness. Water hardness: - 7 °F Very sweet - 7 – 14 °F Sweet - 14 – 25 °F Little hard - 25 – 32 °F Quite hard - 32 – 54 °F Hard - + 54 °F Very hard Concentrated product: do not exceed in the use: When the laundry is done, if you see soap residuals in the gaskets of the washing machine, lessen the amount of soap in subsequent washings. INCI – Ingredients AQUA POTASSIUM RAPESEEDATE Soap that has a vegetal origin being made from Colza oil from Biological Agriculture. SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE Surfactant of vegetal origin. ALCOHOL DENAT Ethyl alcohol. It helps the dissolution of stains and it eases a fast drying. LAURYL/MIRYSTYL GLUCOSIDE Surfactant of vegetal origin from coconut and sugar. It removes persistent filth. CAPRYLYL/CAPRYL GLUCOSIDE Surfactant made from caprylyl oil extracted from coconut. POTASSIUM OLIVATE Soap of vegetal origin made from olive oil from Biological Agriculture produced in Puglia region. TRISODIUM METHYLGLICINEDIACETATE It prevents the formation of calcium carbonate (limescale). DISODIUM ETHYLEXYL IMINODIPROPIONATE Very delicate surfactant made from coconut. OLIVAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE Very delicate surfactant made from olive oil from Biological Agriculture. PROTEASE Enzyme. It disaggregates the filth having a protein nature. It quickly lowers itself. DICHLOROBENZYL ALCOHOL Very delicate substance, even if from synthesis, that warrants the integrity and the safety of the product (it prevents the formation of bacteria and mildew). The skin tolerance has been tested in a dermatologic laboratory. AMYLASE Enzyme. It disaggregates the filth having a starchy nature. It quickly lowers itself. *The product contains no Allergen. Chemical composition (Reg. 648/2004). 5-15%: Soaps - <5%: Anionic surfactants, Anphoteric surfactants, Non-ionic Surfactants. Enzymes, Dichlorobenzyl alcohol.

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