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Bio cotton Muslins can be used as:

- Inserts for washable nappies, by folding them in the shape of a rectangle you can insert them in your Culla di Teby pants.

- Regurgitations rag, you can place it on your shoulder while the baby is digesting, you will avoid to change your cloth after every milk feed

- Weaning bib: it is large enough to cover all the spurts of your little glutton

- Bed sheet or blanket for the summer nights

- Pillow cover for the first months when babies can have little regurgitations during the sleep

- Sunshield to be placed on the stroller, the large weave will let pass the air but not the annoying sunrays that are so bothersome for the delicate eyes of babies

- Changing table cover / pee shield, it is perfect for all those babies that pee as soon as we take their nappy off

- Bath towel

- Swaddling cloth for preterm babies that will find in the soft hug of the textile the embracing sensation of the mother womb (for this kind of use please choose the largest size)

Culla di Teby® Muslins come in two different sizes in order to fit perfectly in our pants cradles.

Small 55x55 cm, it can be inserted in Culla di Teby Small pants.

Medium 75x75 cm, it can be inserted both in the Medium and in the Large size pants.

Used as inserts for Teby pants, our muslins are perfect for all those babies having little but frequent milk feeds; they must be changed often and so you need absorbent inserts to dry very quickly in order to have always some change ready to use. Natural and very breathable, they are recommended for the most delicate skins. For babies eating very much or sleeping a long time between a milk feed and the other, they can be used as additional inserts to our classic absorbents.

Wash the Muslins at least 6/7 times to make them absorbent, being made of cotton it is normal they could take in a little bit.

All Culla di Teby products are home made in Italy because the wellness of your baby and of the environment passes through the expert hands of Italian artisans!

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