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What are menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties are washable and absorbent knickers that can be used instead of traditional sanitary napkins. Thanks to the mix of textiles they are made of, our panties are absorbent and create a barrier that prevents annoying leaks. They can be employed alone or as an extra protection when using tampons or menstrual cups.

What do Teby Pink period panties look like? 

Teby Pink absorbent period panties are 100% hand made in Italy and manufactured using only Oeko Tex and GOTS certified textiles.

With other brands of absorbent panties, you will need to choose the panty depending on your flow; on the contrary, Teby Pink period panties are perfect for all kinds of flows, thanks to our patented system that allows you to choose different combinations of absorbent layers depending on your needs!


Just one pair of period panties for different moments of your period or for light urinary incontinence!

How do you use absorbent period panties?

  • Insert one or more absorbent layers in the retentive pouch and your period panties are ready to be worn!
  • For light flows, insert only the light colour insert
  • For a medium flow, use only the dark insert
  • With heavy flows, place the light colour insert on the dark one
  • For a very heavy flow combine the menstrual cup
  • The inner layer made of waterproof and breathable material will stop leaks.
  • When you feel the need, change your absorbent panty and wash it to reuse it all the times you want. 

How do you wash period panties?

  • Pull out the absorbent inserts and rinse the panties with cold water and soap.
  • You can handwash them or use a washing machine at 30°/40° C.
  • Teby Pink period panties, thanks to their pouch and to the detachable inserts, can be washed more easily and more thoroughly, so to warrant a higher hygiene!
  • Dry them off in the open air. Heat sources can damage your period panties.

How much do Teby Pink period panties absorb?

Every woman has different flows and every period has days with light or heavy menstrual bleedings. Exactly for this reason, we projected a menstrual panty that allows you to combine different absorbent layers depending on your flow. Teby Pink period panties can be employed both as a panty liner and as sanitary napkins for the night in case of heavier flows. Their absorbency can be compared to that of 3 tampons.

How many absorbent panties do you need?

The amount of period panties you will need depends on your flow and whether you will wear them together with a menstrual cup. For women using a menstrual cup, 1 or 2 Teby period panties will be enough. We suggest to have from 3 to 6 pairs of washable knickers to those women desiring to wear only period panties during menstruation. They are also perfect to be worn together with our Teby Pink reusable sanitary pads.

When do you use the absorbent period panties?

You can use period panties in these situations:

  • during your period
  • in your ovulation days, instead of a panty liner
  • in the days preceding your period, so not to worry about getting soiled
  • during the pregnancy, if you have light transparent leaks
  • when you will be back home, during the postpartum
  • in case of light urinary incontinence 

How to choose the right size?

Take a moment to measure yourself, we recommend that you take a dressmaker's tape measure and stand in front of a mirror. Check out our complete Size Guide!

It is important to measure yourself correctly to avoid making a return and thus emitting more CO2 into our planet. You will have to pay for the return, but at a reduced price. We know that many brands provide free returns, but we think that this encourages hurried purchases and therefore a greater chance of getting the wrong size.

Absorbent panties for urinary incontinence. 

Teby Pink absorbent panties can be used with confidence for light urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a common matter in women of all ages. Very often it is only a transitory moment connected to the postpartum. It can be hard to talk about it but it is important to know that many women experimented it.

Teby Pink absorbent panties will make you feel more:

  • Confident , thanks to the absorbent part; the barrier effect will not let you get soiled.
  • Comfortable , thanks to the soft cotton that is gentle on your skinit will prevent the annoying skin rashes that are typical of disposable absorbent panties.

Teby Pink, the period panties made of cotton:

To manufacture our Teby Pink period panties, we employ only Oeko Tex and GOTS certified organic cotton; this certification ensures the highest safety for your skin.

Made in Italy period panties!

Like all Teby products, Teby Pink menstrual panties too are 100% made in Italy! Ours is a family manufacture, we choose very carefully the textiles we employ, preferring the closest suppliers and who have high quality and ethical standards.

If you still have any doubt, have a look at our FAQ page o or send us an email, we will be glad to help you! 

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