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The Ahimsā peace silk scrunchie, wants to raise awareness about the production of the silk of peace in which the larva is allowed to complete metamorphosis and turn into a butterfly. It is a more complicated process and with longer timeframes but much more respectful of the environment where no products or chemical treatments are used. Silkworms are left to live to complete their life cycle in a natural way.

Why choose peace silk scrunchies?

Deciding to buy a peace silk scrunchie means choosing to espouse an ethical work philosophy that satisfies our desires but at the same time respects the environment. In the production of non-violent silk, no silkworms are killed.

In the production of non-violent silk, no silkworms are killed. Unlike traditional silk (where the cocoon with the caterpillar is boiled alive to facilitate spinning), in the production of non-violent silk the hatching of the worms occurs naturally. The cocoons are collected and then separated and spun.   

Why is it called Ahimsā silk?

Ahimsā is a Sanskrit word that means "non-violence" in Buddhism and Hinduism. This is why Ahimsā silk is also more commonly referred to as "non-violent silk" or "peace silk." Ahimsā also reminds us of the non-violence teaching of the great Mahatma Gandhi.

How is peace silk produced?

Silk is a natural fiber of animal origin. The silkworm is the animal thanks to which we are able to produce this precious fabric. The silkworm feeds on mulberry leaves and, once mature, begins to produce a continuous filament in which it wraps itself to form the cocoon and begin the metamorphosis into chrysalis first, and then into butterfly. Once the metamorphosis is completed, the butterfly creates a hole in the cocoon to go and complete its life cycle.

For the production of traditional silk, man intervenes by stopping the metamorphosis so that the butterfly does not pierce the cocoon and ruin the yarn. This is done by putting the cocoon and the silkworm in boiling water. With this process it is possible to obtain a very long continuous filament.

For the production of Ahimsā silk, the cocoon completes its life cycle in a natural way. The final result will no longer be a single continuous filament but a more irregular filament but still with the same characteristics!

Peace silk scrunchies features:

  • Do not leave marks on the hair
  • Do not tear the hair
  • Do not break the hair
  • Preserves the well-being and shine of the hair
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Super light
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Resistant and durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in Italy

How to care for scrunchies in peace silk:

  • Hand wash gently or machine wash in cold water on the gentlest cycle.
  • Wash the different colors separately.
  • Do not wring but wrap the garment in a clean, dry towel.
  • Air dry away from direct sunlight.

The Ahimsā Teby Pink peace silk scrunchies are a Hand Made in Italy product!

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