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Culla di Teby washable sanitary pads, touching your skin only with their micro fleece, are perfect for all women that want a natural and ecological product that is, at the same time, practical and Made in Italy. Culla di Teby micro fleece washable sanitary pads are thought for all the women having a very delicate skin, people suffering often of skin rashes (also with dermatitis) and for the people that want to do something good for our planet. The fabric touching the skin is a comfortable, Oeko Tex certified micro fleece that increases the dry sensation on your skin, very easy to wash and quick drying.


Their practical wings allow to easily snap the pad around pants, its shape has been studied appositely to encumber as little as possible, so it will be thinner and more comfortable. Thanks to the inner presence of PUL, your washable pad will be externally water proof, avoiding unpleasant leakages, while the external fabric will fix it to pants, eliminating annoying forward and backward movements. Regular and Notte pads have a pouch in which you can place in the microfiber insert in order to warrant you more absorbency for the moments of abundant flow, furthermore the pouch allows a better and more hygienic washing because water can pass through all the fibres of the pad. These washable pads can also be used in case of light incontinence.


Feminine washable micro fleece pads too, as all Culla di Teby products, are Made in Italy; because quality passes also trough the expert hands of Italian artisans.


You can choose among:

-       Washable panty liner: perfect for light flow days, for people using internal tampons or menstrual cups, practical and small as a traditional disposable panty liner.

Length: 16 cm

-       Regular pad: for women having a light flow, always sold with an internal insert.

Length: 19 cm

-       Night Pad: for women having a heavy flow during the day or for the night time, its flared shape makes it more comfortable, always sold with an internal insert.

Length: 26 cm

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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