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Kit Fulltime - Cloth Nappies

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Our Cloth nappies full time kit is made for all the parents that have decided to use cloth nappies every day since the birth of their child until he will be ready for the potty. In full time kits, colours of pants and washable inserts are random but you can choose between male and female kits (these will contain some pink pants).

The kit is composed by:

-       15 pants (6 small, 5 medium, 4 large) + 15 cradles of different colours

-       36 absorbent pads (18 small, 18 large)

-       1 roll of flushable paper nappy liner

-       1 bag

-       1 wet bag

If you want to transform the cloth nappies of your kit into hybrid diapers and swimsuits just add ecological disposable inserts and Swim absorbent pads.

There are little forethoughts to take care of your Culla di Teby cloth nappies as, for example, detaching buttons gently, taking them carefully between your fingers without pulling the textile. Follow our suggestions in the FAQ section and send us your personal tips. Mums’ suggestions are the lifeblood of our growth.

Made in Italy cloth nappies

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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