Kit Provami - Cloth Nappies

Our Provami kit of cloth nappies is available in various sizes and colours, 100% Made in Italy and manufactured using only certified fabrics.

It can be a very special gift idea for a baby and his family!

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Cloth nappies Provami kit has been thought to see the high quality of our products with your own eyes, having just a little expense. With CULLA DI TEBY Provami kit you can understand how our pants wear, touch with your hands the softness of our washable absorbent pads and figure out how it is practical to use our ecological disposable inserts.

With this kit you can try the CULLA DI TEBY system, a completely Italian Patent. Teby pants have been designed to be very soft and light on the skin of your baby and they warrant a good retention of occasional leakages thanks to the double system of barriers.

The washable insert is composed by two external layers: one in micro fleece, warranting a “dry effect”, and the other in bamboo micro sponge, soft and natural.

The inserts you will find in the pack have been realized in Italy, without plastic, chlorine, latex and Tbt and their absorbent core is made of pure extra virgin cellulose to be more delicate on the skin of your child.

The cloth nappies Kit is composed by:

-       1 Baby Panty + 1 cradle of a random colour (white or yellow or water)

-       1 washable absorbent pad

-       2 disposable absorbent pads

-       1 sheet of flushable paper nappy liner

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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