Sale! Kit Extra Large - Cloth Nappies

Kit Extra Large - Cloth Nappies

With our cloth nappies Large kit you can use the CULLA DI TEBY system everyday with the warranty of having always the right amount of clean nappies you need.

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The Large kit of cloth nappies has been thought for babies having a weight over 13 kg and for all those parents that decided to start using cloth nappies even if their baby is no more a newborn or he is nearly ready for the potty. Using cloth nappies makes easier the weaning from diapers, moreover CULLA DI TEBY nappies can be used also as trainer pants.

In large kit, pants and washable inserts have random colours, you can choose between male and female kits (these will contain one pink baby panty).

CULLA DI TEBY pants are a completely Italian Patent, they have been studied to be very soft and light on the skin of your baby and to warrant a good retention in case of occasional leakages thanks to the double system of barriers.

Our washable inserts are composed by some internal layer in microfiber sponge, with a strong absorbency power, and by two external layers touching the skin of your baby: one in micro fleece, that assures a “dry effect”, and one in bamboo micro sponge, soft and natural. Inside the kit you will also find a roll of flushable paper nappy liner, it will be a great help when changing the nappy in case of poo.

CULLA DI TEBY kits are 100% Made in Italy and manufactured using only certified fabrics.

Kits are composed by:

-       4 XL pants + 4 cradles size 3 of random colours

-       18  absorbent pads size 2

-       1 roll of flushable paper nappy liner

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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