terms and conditions

Dear Customer, in this section you will find the conditions of sale of Teby Crib products that are distributed by Steinmann & Co. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us by email at culladiteby@teby.it or by calling at +39 320 3433606.

The www.teby.it site is an e-commerce site accessible via the Internet, open to any user of this network. It is managed by the company Steinmann & Co SAS of Cristina Colombo, located in Via Cappelletta 46 - 20857 - Camparada MB

Product offers and prices are valid within the limit of available stock as they are visible on the site.

In addition to the photographs reproduced and illustrating the products presented, the customer is invited to consult the description of each product to know its features.

The provision of personal data collected in connection with distance selling is required. This information is needed for order processing and delivery and invoice preparation. This information is strictly confidential.

The prices displayed on the website include VAT and any other tax; the shipping costs will be counted separately, depending on the type of shipment.

Orders can be made online, by mail or by telephone.

Order online
You can order online through our website.

Phone order
If you prefer, you can order your Teby Crib diapers by calling at 320 3433606.
 Next we will send you an email to confirm the order and the amount including shipping charges. Products will be shipped after payment has been made. For telephone and mail orders the payment method is by bank transfer. See the payment section for more information.

Order by e-mail
 If you prefer to order by mail, send a request to culladiteby@teby.it, we will send you a price list for the purchases you want to make. Next, we will send you the item price and shipping. Receipt of order confirmation and payment will ship the goods. For telephone and mail orders the payment method is by bank transfer. See the payment section for more information.

All orders will be processed promptly on the same day or next day. For orders coming from Friday afternoon to Sunday, the next business day will be processed, except for holidays and holidays.

Upon receipt of the order, the Purchaser must verify the conformity of the products received under his control. Any abnormality regarding delivery (ie missing or damaged products) must be notified within 5 days of receipt of the products at the following address: culladiteby@teby.it


You can choose to pay in several ways:

- Credit Card (Paypal)

- Early bank transfer

- Cash (only for withdrawals at our offices)

Credit Card / through Paypal Circuit

You can buy your Teby Baby's diapers safely and quickly, using the Paypal payment method.

Some credit, debit or prepaid credit? There are so many payment methods ... Paypal simplifies your life.

Choose to sign up for PayPal, and when you make your payments, wherever you are, you will not need to enter your card's codes, but just type your email and password.

Transaction takes place fast, halving your times and your data remains secure, secure, and never visible to external users. You will also be able to check all your transactions directly on your PayPal account, totally free of charge.

The PayPal system accepts these cards




Visa Electron

American Express



The benefits of paying with PayPal are two: secure transactions and speeds, because the payment is at the same time as the transaction and the merchandise will be put into operation as scheduled.

If you want more information visit PayPal site

Bank transfer

You may want to make a bank transfer either from the bank desk or from your online access.

Bank transfer is a very secure but somewhat slow system, because it will take 2/3 business days to credit to our current corporate account. Only when we see the credit we can ship the goods.

The amount must be paid using the following bank coordinates:

Iban: IT 48 S 055 8433 951 000000000 950

Banca Popolare di Milano - Agency of Velate 303


Steinmann & Co sas

Via Cappelletta 46, 20857 - Camparada MB


Specify in the Caution "Teby Cradle" and the number of your order.

Shipping packaging:

Following the basic rule of recycling and re-use, where possible we will use recycled boxes to give life again to the products that would be destined for the sludge.


Welcome Reseller,

Below you can read the order conditions applied for all Culla of Teby® products.
If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail culladiteby@teby.it

The website www.teby.it is an e-commerce site accessible via Internet, open to any user of this network. It is cured by Cristina Colombo’s company Steinmann & Co. SAS, having its Headquarters in Via Cappelletta 46 – 20857 – Camparada (MB).

Products offers and prices are valid within the limit of the available stock, as they are visible on the site.

The customer is kindly invited to consult the description of each product, in addition to the pictures showing the merchandise, in order to know its features.

It is required the provision of personal data collected in relation to the remote retail sales. This is necessary information for processing and delivering the orders and for preparing the invoices. It is strictly confidential.


The offers and prices of the products are valid within the limits of available stocks, as they are visible on the site. Offers for individuals and retailers are not the same.


Shipping costs are calculated separately and will be calculated based on the shipping address.


The invoice will be issued on the  delivery day.


Payment must be made immediately and in full (except for pre-orders) after confirmation of the order in the following account:

Header/ beneficiary: STEINMANN & CO SAS

 Iban: IT 05W0558433950000000050950


Name of our Bank: Banca Popolare di Milano - Usmate / Velate Agency 128

Reason: Specify your Business name and order number.

The order is sewing after the payment has arrived at our bank.

If payment is not received after seven days, the order will be delated.

Please note that we also accept payments from accounts outside the European Union (EU). However, we do not bear the costs of banking transactions.

For non-EU sales, customs and VAT will be paid by the customer.


Around 10 working days from the moment of credit to our bank account.

We are sending the tracking number to control your shipment.


Following the basic rule of recycling and re-use, when possible we will use recycled boxes in order to give life once more to products destined to the shredder.


The warranty policy is very simple, if a customer should encounter a problem arising from a factory defect, after the appropriate checks, we will send you the replacement goods with the next order. Write to culladiteby@teby.it attaching your order and photographs of the defect.

Coverage and exclusion clauses

The warranty covers any possible manufacturing defect or fault of the materials used to realize the product. Products that are not in compliance with your expectations, generated in any way, cannot be considered as defective for the purpose of the present warranty. In addition, the warranty excludes damages caused by: improper usage, normal use, damages, alterations, incorrect maintenance of the item of clothing, negligence or neglect, damages caused by falls and / or incidents, or any change due to external causes, included any repair made by unauthorized persons, damages caused by other causes / acts outside Steinmann & Co control; user’s subjective assessments, such as comfort and wearability; damages due to the prolonged exposure to light and / or heat sources and / or detergents considered not suitable and / or chlorine. The warranty does not cover second hand items of clothing and those described as second choice items.


The conventional warranty is restricted only to the products bought by the customer from Steinmann & CO.