Percarbonate – 1 kg

How to remove stains and sanitize your cloth nappies in a natural way? CULLA DI TEBY suggests you to use the percarbonate, a good solution to remove stains of poo in an ecologic way!

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Sodium percarbonate, thanks to the natural power of the oxygen, can remove stains and sanitize cloth nappies.

Washing machine:

Add two tablespoons full of percarbonate together with the washing soap in the dispenser drawer or directly in the drum of the washing machine. Wash from 40 degrees upwards. It is suggested for all white parts of CULLA DI TEBY cloth nappies. To have an extra action only on the washable absorbent pads, wash them at 60 degrees.

Hand washing in case of persistent stains: spill a little amount of percarbonate directly on the stain, pour some lukewarm water and let it act for 10 minutes. Then, wash normally.

You can use it also in... your dishwasher! You can add a half teaspoon of it to the dishwasher powder, to sanitize your dishes and make cleaner and brighter the inside of the machine.

IT CONTAINS: SODIUM PERCARBONATE – CAS number: 15630 – 89 – 4 Nr CE: 239 – 707 – 6

DANGER RECOMMENDATIONS H272 It can aggravate a fire; combustive agent – H318

Use it only when necessary; do not exceed the suggested doses or the use. Do not use it on coloured and delicate clothing.

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