Swim absorbent - 2 pcs box

Make your Washable Diaper Culla di Teby® in Convertible Swimsuit by simply inserting Swim Suits! Fabrics tested to swim safely and always Made in Italy.

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Swim absorbent pad has been studied to transform your cloth nappies into little retentive swimsuits for the seaside or  the swimming pool.

This special, soft and thin absorbent pad warrants a great retention in case of sudden pee between the swimming pool and the locker room; it is thin to encumber as little as possible; it is delicate with your baby’s skin because the textile touching him is made of cotton and quick drying thanks to the technical microfiber fabric. Swim inserts come in only one size, so you can use them with all your pants, from the moment of the birth till the moment of the weaning from the nappy.

You can also use them as an extra insert for the night time; this will warrant you an extra absorbency like a real booster. If, on the contrary, your baby is arriving near to the moment of the potty, place it in the baby panty and you will transform your CULLA DI TEBY nappies into trainer pants; your child will be freer in his movements but there will be a bit of retention of possible little drops of pee.

Our Swim insert too, as CULLA DI TEBY nappy, transforms according to your needs!

hand made in ItalyOeko-Tex

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