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23/03/2020 - Due to the situation and the new government restrictions about COVID-19, we inform you that there may be delays on orders.
Culla di Teby will continue to fulfill orders working from home, now we can send.
Our production is open because we are also producing washable masks with the intention of helping as many people as possible.
We thank you and ask you to be patient!


  • Organic Bio Panties
    Our Bio baby pants for cloth nappies are made using GOTS certified biologic cotton; very soft and funny thanks to the decorated textiles and LIMITED EDITION. These cloth nappies baby pants are a real item of clothing, coloured and patterned, perfect to be worn during spring and summer even with only a t-shirt. Culla di Teby Bio cloth nappies, 100% Made in Italy!

  • Soft Touch Pants
    Our Soft Touch baby pants for cloth nappies have been projected for all the moms looking for an ecologic, technical and practical nappy that, in case of need, can be transformed in a retentive swimsuit. The Oeko tex certified fabrics have been tested for the usage in water and make these baby pants perfect to be used as a swimming pool nappy, a very good washable nappy and a very comfortable hybrid nappy. Culla di Teby 100% Hand Made in Italy!

  • Classic Pants
    Our baby pants for Classic line washable nappies are the perfect choice in order to have a comfortable and practical hybrid cloth nappy that can be transformed depending on the needs of the baby and his family. Oeko tex certified fabrics are the warranty of a safe and great quality product for your baby. Culla di Teby Classic baby pants for cloth nappies are 100% Hand Made in Italy!

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item