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Why we produce

Cloth Nappies

I am a mother and when I discovered the world of cloth nappies I literally fell in love with them. I bought my first kit; being not satisfied I tried a different brand, then I discovered a better one, but there always was something wrong with them.

So, I tried to imagine what I wanted in a nappy for my child and I started to produce them at home. Then, the will of sharing my models and my discoveries with other mothers grew and transformed in one year and a half of research and tests. First prototypes became a patented product and that patent gave the start to a little production.


I imagined what I wanted in a diaper


Why do we produce in Italy?

Why having the manufacturing in Italy? Because this allows me to control textiles, to ask artisans about the kind of sewing I have to choose, to check and improve the product. Because this allows me to have experts working with me, not only simple suppliers that, on the other side of the world, work for you and just send a good.

Our products are the result of the love of a mother and of a whole family working in textile industry since 1957 that through their little company, the Steinmann & Co, studies, tests, produces and markets Culla di Teby nappies.