How to wash Teby nappies

Washing instructions

  • If your baby made just some pee, change the absorbent pad and put it in a plastic box not hermetically closed because it is necessary to have a bit of air circulating inside it. For this reason we do not suggest to put dirty nappies in wet bags for more than 12 hours.
  • If your little one has made you a stinky present, remove most of the poo by throwing it down the toilet; then with the help of a jet of cold water rinse quickly and rub a bar of soap for washing directly on the absorbent pad; put it in the nappy bin until the moment of the laundry (we recommend washing them at most every two days). Always close the Velcro of pants before washing them; in this way you will avoid damages.
  • If you are not at home use the wet bag.

Pre-process it with cold water, close the Velcro

How to wash

Pants at 30°-40°, absorbent pads up to 60°

How to wash it

  • At the end of the day, if pants are not wet, you can detach gently the cradle from them, rinse it with water and soap and let the pants in the open air to have them refreshed.
  • If you prefer to wash the entire nappy¸ it will not be necessary to detach pants from the cradle and the absorbent pad, it will be enough to close the Velcro and put everything in the washing machine, the absorbent pad will exit the cradle by itself during the washing cycle.
  • Use just a little soap for your laundry; pants and cradles can be washed up to 30°-40° and the absorbent pads up to 60°. You can wash your cloth nappy with the rest of your linen. Do not use optical brighteners, fabric softeners, bleach or disinfectant soaps. Run the spin cycle at not more than 1000 rpm. To find many other tips have a look to the FAQ section!
  • Your Teby nappies can be dried in the sun, near the radiator when outside is raining or in the dryer (but remember to remove the cradle); never place the cradle directly on the radiator, it fears the excessive heat!