How to use

Some tips

Some washings, cradle and absorbent pad

  • Have you just bought your first Culla di Teby cloth nappy? Be patient a little more… wash once pants and 4/5 times (even without soap) the absorbent pads.
  • Choose pants colour and size (S 2,5-5 kg; M 5-11 kg; L 10-15 kg)
  • Fix the cradle, the two different colours of buttons will help you to avoid using the wrong side.
  • Choose the suitable absorbent pad; you can use washable or disposable inserts or the Swim absorbent pad when going to the swimming pool.
  • If you want, you can add a veil of nappy liner to washable inserts, it will make easier to change the baby in case of poo.
  • Let the absorbent slip inside the cradle, once inserted pull the shorter extremities to have it perfectly “blocked” in the cradle, then, with one hand, press it on the bottom of the cradle and, with the other, pull upward the barriers around the thighs. Make a try, if the absorbent pad has been accurately placed in, when lifting and shaking gently the nappy, the insert must not move.
  • Close the tabs on the back without tightening too much.
  • Remember that the logo should be on the baby’s butt.
  • Check it fits snugly around the thighs and guide outside the white little barriers, if necessary, hold in your hands the white barriers and pull lightly towards you the whole nappy, in this way it will remain looser around the thighs.
  • Check on the back that the cradle is beneath the waistband.

Insert the absorbent, close the tabs and check the barriers

Change the absorbent pad or the whole nappy.

  • Change Teby nappies every 2-4 hours to have a happy and dry child.
  • For the hours of sleep, you can place in two inserts for an extra absorbency, mix as you prefer the absorbent layers: a large absorbent pad with a small one, two large inserts or even one large insert and one Swim absorbent pad (it could become a precious ally for the night absorbency!)
  • When you have to change the nappy, you can change just the absorbent pad and use a wet cloth on the cradle before inserting the new one.
  • If only the cradle is dirty, you can just detach it from pants or change the entire nappy.