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Disposable diaper

Teby cloth nappy

Teby hybrid nappy


Disposable nappies

Teby cloth nappy

Teby hybrid nappy

NUMBER OF DIAPERS USED 6570 One fulltime kit (15 pants + 36 washable absorbent pads) One hybrid full time kit (15 pants + 24 washable absorbent pads + 12 packs of disposable inserts per year)
PURCHASING COSTS 1.642,00 euro* 401,80 euro 600,00 euro *
CREAMS COSTS 70,00 euro 12,00 euro 12,00 euro
LAUNDRIES COSTS (including detergent and electricity) -- 5,00 euro / month*** 4,10 euro / month***
COST OF THE DISPOSAL FOR THE COMMUNITY PER FAMILY 180,00 euro / child _ _ 30,00 euro / child


1.902,00 euro 593,80 euro 789,60 euro



more than 1.300 euro!

more than 1.100 euro!

* The average price per piece of traditional disposable nappies is 0.25 euro (diapers of the most famous brands can reach up to 0.35 euro per piece) ** Calculation has been made supposing the use of one Teby ecological disposable insert per day for three years *** The cost has been estimated by calculating the number of washings that could be done in addition to the normal house management; you can cut drastically costs always washing the diapers with the rest of your linen