The Layette

There is not long to wait! The birth of your little one is nearer every day, the suitcase for the hospital is ready by now; the drawers of the nursing table begin to be full of garments, bodysuits, rompers and socks so little you will only think how those little feet will be beautiful…

Culla di Teby has realized a layette for male and female children from 0 to 36 months old: prepare your first Culla di Teby cloth nappies, buy some small size pants, some washable inserts and one pack of Teby disposable absorbent pads… Everything will be ready for the moment you will come back home!


The birth

Today a mother, a child and a father are born! At the hospital, everything is a continuous spinning of emotions. You will become acquainted with the newly arrived; you will have thousand of questions and doubts… Cuddle your child and let him cuddle you!

And if you fill brave… use your Culla di Teby cloth nappies when you are still at the hospital, maybe with the ecological disposable insert… or wait for the quiet of your home. Don’t be in a hurry; you will be a fantastic mum!


Many sucks

How much does a newborn eat? And how much does he pee and poo? Newborns from 0 to 36 months old drink very much milk and so they make very much pee and poo! Do not worry; instead you have to be happy for every wet nappy you find! This means your baby is eating enough and well! Meanly, you will know your baby is eating enough if he wets at least 6 or 7 nappies per day. Sometimes it will happen you will change even 8 or 9 nappies… but do not worry, the more your baby will grow the less you will have to change him.

Newborns’ skin is thin and very delicate, for this reason using cloth nappies prevents skin rashes. For a delicate skin it is necessary a delicate textile, choose between the two sides of the absorbent pad, one in bamboo micro sponge and the other in micro fleece with ‘dry effect’! Or use without worries our disposable absorbent pad, with no plastic, chlorine and additives; this too is 100 % made in Italy!


He sleeps, spins, crawls, walks!

Culla di Teby special pants have been projected to adapt to the different needs of your little one during his growth from 0 to 36 months:

When he will be sleeping Culla di Teby nappies will maintain the physiological position of his little hips; fluid poo of his first months will be stopped by the double barriers around the thighs and by the special back pouch. After some months, your baby will desire to stay seated and look at the world… and the softness of the textiles around the waist will not mark his tummy. Then he will begin to move, roll, slide and crawl; thanks to the back latch your little explorer will move freely… until he will run here and there.


Going outside

You can use your Culla di Teby nappies everywhere and in the way you prefer! Do you have to go outside? To grandparents’ house? Do you want to take a walk or to buy something? Take with you a nappy for the change, some washable inserts and a wet bag where to put soiled ones… or if it makes you feel freer take with you our ecological disposable inserts, we thought them exactly for these moments! So, you will be always sure of what your child is wearing.


A dive into the water

Insert in your CULLA DI TEBY pants our special Swim absorbent pad and your cloth nappy will transform in a super retentive swimsuit; you will be ready for your aquatics lesson and you will have the most beautiful baby’s butt of the course!… and under the sun umbrella? You will be the coolest…!


The potty is arrived!

Every child from 0 to 36 months arrives to the conquest of making pee in the potty with his own times but we can tell you that, usually, children using cloth nappies get this important goal before the others. This is very good both for you and for your child! You can use CULLA DI TEBY cloth nappies as trainer pants by placing in the super thin Swim absorbent pad, your child will feel freer but at the same time little leakages will be blocked…


And now a good sleepy-bye

The day has ended and you and your baby need a long, quiet night. If during the day it is enough to insert just one washable or disposable absorbent pad when changing your child, during the night we suggest you to use two absorbent inserts: one large plus one small absorbent pad, or two large or even a washable insert with an ecological disposable absorbent pad or one Swim… Create your own combination