pannolino teby

Culla di Teby

100% Made in Italy

Culla di Teby cloth nappies are 100% Made in Italy; they have been thought, designed and manufactured in Italy with Oeko Tex certified textiles.

Culla di Teby cloth nappy has been projected and patented to be comfortable; for parents caring about the wellness of their children and the environment without renouncing to practicality.

Culla di Teby cloth nappy is the first Italian diaper that can be transformed according to your needs!

Culla di Teby’ system consists in a nappy composed by a soft cotton baby panty and a waterproof but transpiring cradle, made using a technical textile, holding a washable or disposable absorbent insert.

It is an hybrid nappy and you can use it both as a normal cloth nappy and as an ecological disposable diaper and, furthermore, it becomes also a super retentive swimsuit, it will be enough to choose the appropriate absorbent pad.


Comfortable shape to move and play

Its shape has been studied with the purpose of adhering to the natural build of children; the back part of the nappy is deeper and larger to hold well the baby’s butt and to create a retentive pouch; the front part touching the tummy is tighter, softer and flatter, so it will not obstacle your baby’s movements, while the segment around the thighs adheres in a perfect and delicate way, minimizing lateral spillages.

Buttons have been positioned in order to avoid touching the delicate skin of the baby.

Cotton pants create a second barrier around the thighs and their back latch warrants the highest comfort avoiding in this way the Velcro could scratch the baby’s tummy. The washable absorbent pad, composed by 6 layers of textile, warrants the highest absorbency and you can choose to use the transpiring and natural side, made of bamboo micro sponge, or the micro fleece one that will warrant the ‘dry effect’. One absorbent pad, two choices of textile.


Double barrier, 6 layers absorbent pad